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Lagos is full of fake pharmacists – Lucia Edafioka

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  1. UZO NWACHUKWU says:

    You may need to do your findings properly . There is a big difference between pharmacists and other drug sellers. A pharmacy outlet is distinguished from the rest by certain features which includes the shop, the pharmacy emblem and the Presence of the pharmacist on duty any time the pharmacy is open. When you get to the pharmacy, demand to see the pharmacist. If you don’t see any pharmacist on duty please take a walk. The pharmacist is the only expert when drug is concerned.

  2. Kenneth nnadi says:

    My dear You need to really get your information right. I really don’t understand how you could equate a drug peddler who in most cases never had any form of formal education to a pharmacist or a doctor, I don’t understand the correlation. Unfortunately this is nigeria. A pharmacist is a university trained professional with a great level of skills in drug synthensis, design and production, with the knowledge of disease causes and management, duely licensed by the government of every country of world to handle drug related issues.

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