Tara’s Diary

Is it love or control? Tara Aisida

So am I advocating that people be free to do whatever they like in a marriage and be answerable to no one but themselves? Of course not. When you are in a relationship you must submit and be mindful of one another,

Will a woman always be the outsider?

As far as they were concerned, her job was to care for their brother and birth him an heir who would perpetuate their family name. Her inability to have a child for the first 5 years

Women, we hold the keys to keeping it together!

I was told the story of four brothers, all of the same mother and father.…

2023: You can shift the goal post-Tara Aisida

It’s a New Year and I am sure that many of us having reflected on…

God wants to disrupt your life-Tara Aisida 

There’s so much written about disruptions in the workplace and personal lives and I don’t want to belabor the point. I would rather tell you,

Learn the art of contentment –Tara Aisida

The older woman looks back at her life and sees only the opportunities she missed. She doesn’t seem to appreciate the things that are good and going well in her life.

Make una “Detty this December” small, small o-Tara Aisida

When I first heard the phrase “Detty December” in 2019,  I thought it meant that…

A person is a person no matter how small-Tara Aisida

I attended a concert recently, my friend’s daughter had a part in the musical rendition…

The selfie generation-Tara Aisida

Always posing, lips pouted, feathers preened and smiles artificial. They take pictures, videos of themselves…

Friendships and how they evolve-Tara Aisida

I love having friends. I am one of those people who has always liked being…

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