Kunle Afolayan’s Mokalik could have been a roaring success…Dami Ajayi

Kunle Afolayan is a progressive auteur and tastemaker in the Nigerian film industry. With a decent catalogue of films to his name, the child actor and son of film doyen Ade Love, has come a long way since playing Aresejabata…

Lagos is where people come to ‘hammer’ – Stanlee Ohikhuare

Stanlee Ohikhuare, fine artist and film-maker, who hails from Benin, Edo State has lived in Lagos for a long time. He considers the city to be a place where people empty their villages to come and hammer. See for yourself…

See what Stanlee Ohikhuare hates about Lagos

Stanlee Ohikhuare, fine artist and film-maker, who hails from Benin, Edo State has lived in Lagos for a long time. So apart from having so much love the city, there is also a thing or two he hates about the…

Femi Odugbemi loves Lagos

Femi Odugbemi loves to tell stories and most of his films be they documentaries or features have been about Lagos. Perhaps that is the only other thing the film-maker loves better than Lagos, the city of his birth and residence.…

Emmanuel Kalu is lost in Lagos

Emmanuel Kalu is from Ohfia in Abia State. The last time film-maker visited his hometown will surprise you. Watch him tell you himself in the video.

Chihying is Lagos Oyinbo

It is Musquiqui Chihying’s first time in Lagos and like many who have come before him, he wants to come back. The artist and film-maker says why in the video.

See why Ajike loves Lagos

Ajike is a craftswoman and film-maker who lives in Ajegunle. She has an interesting love for Lagos and says that if you are not in the city then you have not started living. Find out more in the video.

Is Stanlee Ohikhuare lost in Lagos?

Stanlee Ohikhuare, fine artist and film-maker, who hails from Benin City has been living in Lagos for a long time. But is he lost in Lagos? Find out for yourself in the video.  

Lagos Oyinbo: Gregor Kasper

Gregor Kasper is an artist and film-maker based in Berlin, Germany. His first ever trip to Lagos was for this year’s edition of the iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival (iREP), where his film screened. Although he spent a few days…

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