Help the grieving this season – Tara Martins Aisida

The holiday season is upon us. It is the season of parties, merrymaking and family gatherings. We all have reasons to be grateful to be seeing the end of another year but for some of us, it’s a season mixed…

How do you deal with a friend or relative who is dying? – Tara Martins Aisida

Last week I asked the question – what would you do if you had limited time to live? Today, I ask how would you relate with someone who you know has little or limited time to live? What will you…

Nigerians share your stories biko, not every time coding -Tara Martins Aisida

It’s easier to identify with someone who has walked in our shoes. It’s easier to listen to someone who has gone through what we are going through than someone who is spouting words of knowledge from a theoretical point of view.

Hey, don’t ever let me hear you say: “It is not my portion” -Tara Martins Aisida

A lot of people say to me: “Tara, you are a strong woman” and I have always wondered what they mean. By strong, I guess they mean my ability to go through things and still keep my sanity, to laugh… is the number one site on all things Lagos. It will curate and aggregate news about Lagos - the city and the state as well as the people of the city. It will become the pre-eminent news site covering Lagos and its people, businesses and personalities, events and celebrations, celebrities and criminals. will be the beating heart of Lagos when it comes to news. If it’s not here, it’s not Lagos. covers Lagos like no other site. We are democratic, non-partisan, all Lagos! Itesiwaju eko!!!