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When children engage in sex, give them condoms

That boarding house students will scale the school’s fence and go to see men outside or go have sex with one another has been with us from time “imo river,” immemorial.

2023: You can shift the goal post-Tara Aisida

It’s a New Year and I am sure that many of us having reflected on the activities and happenings of the past year. Some of us have set our goals and made resolutions in tandem with the themes inspired by…

He raped me and now blames me for an abortion

In my second year, there was this guy in school. Everyone knew him to be a notorious cult guy. All those leather jacket wearers. He began to toast me

God wants to disrupt your life-Tara Aisida 

There’s so much written about disruptions in the workplace and personal lives and I don’t want to belabor the point. I would rather tell you,

Christmas Day Murder: What happened to first aid?

Now, why didn’t the first hospital at least stabilize her before she was taken away from there to another?

My husband wants me to use the same mouth I use to praise God to swallow his dxxk!

There’s nothing that man will not say I haven’t done for him. Is it to raise my legs sky high? I have done it but these days, pajapaja will not let me raise it any higher.

Meet the man who fuxxd “witches” that attacked him and got away

Shocking is also that the community ganged up to burn them before Alfred stepped in to “rescue” them from certain death.

Learn the art of contentment –Tara Aisida

The older woman looks back at her life and sees only the opportunities she missed. She doesn’t seem to appreciate the things that are good and going well in her life.

How my step mother lured me with her breastmilk

My parents never married. I am a product of a fling they never knew would result into a human being. My paternal grandma raised me. When my maternal grandma threw my mother out for getting pregnant just out of secondary…

The Day my Tooth Broke in Public

Who remembers this advert? “Be successful!/Be important!/Use Macleans toothpaste!!!” The person who wrote the ad copy, I think was Uncle Ted Mukoro of blessed memory. But this is not a copywriting masterclass. I never considered the importance of a smile…

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