PJ in da house!

Fire FCMB’s MD for being handsome, not for stealing another man’s wife!

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  1. Raymond says:

    They are not asking for his sack because he slept with another man’s wife they are asking for his sack because what he did was unethical in the work place… Sleeping with another man’s wife makes it worse…

  2. En says:

    You missed it totally. And that’s quite embarrassing. His competence or handsomeness or wealth is not being questioned. What is being questioned is his unethical love tango with his subordinate, single or married. It is unacceptable, especially for one that has a management role, and what he has done is to put his employer’s integrity on the line. The pressure is on FCMB to sack him or else, that organization would be seen as an unethical institution. That’s not good for the bank’s reputation in the market place. I can’t see how FCMB will still leave him at his post after his unethical conduct. He is going to be sacked.

  3. Ola odus says:

    Mr Editor, you think you’re Mr. Practicality, I pray that some day soon, the world will use practicalities to judge your case! You have written like someone who has no empathy! If those were your feelings, you’re better off keeping quiet! If these happened to you, I’m sure you’ll hail God and move on like something never happened. Do you know how long it takes a man to get over a heart break , more so a heart break and a deceit! I pray you have a case similar and you can then show the world that you’re a practical man without blood running through your veins.

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