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Open relationships, swinging and sex toys-Tara Aisida

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  1. Kunle John says:

    I am not one to use sexual enhancement drugs or sex toys (yet) but I am open to the use of it by either partners as I have muted the idea to my partner a few times but we never did use one to the best of my knowledge. However, the idea of sexual satisfaction in my opinion is primarily based on individual’s orientation and understanding. I am sure there are implications for the use of both enhancement drugs and sex toys. One is physical the other is physical and mental. As such it is not anything of interest to me and I always strongly advise against its use.

    For relationship swinging and open relationships, not being religious, I think the implication can also be dangerous in some cases the effect is immediate in others it may take a while. Even for couples that claim that it has helped their relationship with their partners, I believe that the impact is yet to set in as at the time they speak on these issues.

    Setiing ground rules may help to limit the implications but truth is that once that door is opened it is very difficult to shut it.

    I also believe that couples in open relationships or marriage are simply not married but co-existing with the knowledge of their families and maybe the law. The concept of marriage is entirely different from this philosophy of “openness”

    That been said, couples or a partner may choose to engage in any of these “acts” if they believe that they are not getting fulfilled sexually. My position on everything is that every adult should be responsible for his or her actions as the concept of adulthood allows you to do whatever you want, when you want to even if you do not fully understand the implications but in all you will suffer the consequences.

    A lot of people are aware of the consequences of their actions and they still go ahead with it. As long as the person is an adult, no one should become a judge by saying it is a wrong or right choice. The consequences will come full circle.

    Where I have concerns is when such acts are being exposed to the “underaged” class (we can have a different discussion on what the age limit should be but legally 18 years is the the consent age, as much as I disagree with this position that is the position of the law). The world is now on their phones so they are exposed to these things whether we like it or not.

    The key thing for us as parents is to teach and train one’s children what we believe is right and when the time is right they will make their choices and suffer the consequences either good or bad.

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