Questions posed by times and seasons & some answers I’ve found – Tara Aisida

I have often wondered at the meaning of life and why we are on the face of this earth; I muse as to what purpose I was born and to what end. I don’t have the answers to the reasons…

Main chicks, side chicks and their cockerels-Tara Aisida

We have seen them in films, read about them in books, witnessed them in hostels and now it’s rife on social media. The fights between women over a man. It is mostly that of wives (main chicks) confronting other women… is the number one site on all things Lagos. It will curate and aggregate news about Lagos - the city and the state as well as the people of the city. It will become the pre-eminent news site covering Lagos and its people, businesses and personalities, events and celebrations, celebrities and criminals. will be the beating heart of Lagos when it comes to news. If it’s not here, it’s not Lagos. covers Lagos like no other site. We are democratic, non-partisan, all Lagos! Itesiwaju eko!!!