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Tread softly on your partner’s emotions-Tara Martins Aisida

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  1. Sọjí Wey says:

    Tara, it takes some courage to open up on a topic that, sadly, still has so much taboo attached to it. Too many people, for any number of reasons, face depression without much support, even from their own family.

    The point you make about men generally not sharing in their partners’ travails is poignant. I think it’s a generational thing, as many of these things tend to be. Gender roles are changing from what we grew up knowing. I remember posting on FB when my father died, that he never told me once that he loved me. Yet he was my best friend in every sense of the term. And, I knew he loved me. It was not necessary for him to say it. Now after becomibg a father myself, I tell my children how much I love them and find myself wishing that he had told me that he loved me.

    The two are by no means the same, but I do feel that more and more younger men are stepping into roles that our fathers, even some of us, would find disconcerting at least.

    Insightful input such as this can only serve to foster a more empathetic attitude in our younger men. I daresay it might not be too late for even some of our own generation. Keep up the good work girl. Throw enough mud at the wall and some of it is bound to stick.

  2. Florence says:

    Thanks for shaking the table once again.

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